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Kirjoittaja Aihe: Game Lady 168cm Death Stranding Silicone Sex Doll Lockne  (Luettu 14 kertaa)

Poissa EllaJoy

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Game Lady's Lockne Realistic Sex Doll was inspired by action game Death Stranding Lockne.

In the action game, Lockne is an ex-Bridges member and a gifted technician who serves as the overseer of Mountain Knot City in Death Standing. She is the twin sister of Mama and one of the creators of the Chiral Network.

Lockne sex doll just a silicone figure. She is simply action game sex doll displayed with cosplay outfits that resemble famous characters, not the genuine merchandise associated with the game or franchise.

Do you like this silent, arrogant, and intelligent girl? Maybe you can do a lot of incredible things with Lockne silicone doll and her twin sister, mama silicone doll.
LovedollShops has rich experience of manufacturing specialized in sex dolls for over 10 years.


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